What is www.HammerHeadsUAE.com?

HammerHeadsUAE.com is an online marketplace for maintenance services. It connects people who need help, with – ‘HammerHeads’ – tried and tested Service Providers who quickly resolve your maintenance problem. With HammerHeadsUAE.com, customers just have to place one call to – +97152 704 2740 to book a ‘HammerHead’ to resolve their problem.

Why do we do what we do?

Today, customers don’t have a single place where they can find immediate solutions to modestly resolve their home and office maintenance tasks such as AC maintenance, electrical, cleaning, pest control etc. As a result, customers incur search costs by asking friends for recommendations or skimming through their personal contacts for old numbers and end up with an inefficient service provider. At HammerHeads, you request a service for your stated problem conveyed through one call and we will put you in touch with experienced and trusted Service Providers.

The company was founded in Dubai in 2016 and is providing services all across Dubai. HammerHeadsUAE.com has plans to expand to service all across UAE.

How is HammerHeadsUAE.com different from other sites?

  1. You do not have to incur search costs by researching companies, collecting multiple quotes from individual Service Providers. Instead, we will collect the quotes and provide you the best three competitive rates.

  2. We only work with tried, tested and licensed service providers.

  3. Our service is free of cost to the end user.

  4. We temporarily accept only cash transactions, however soon we will move to a credit/debit card system so that you can through the website/email/app.

  5. For custom jobs, we provide up to three quotations so that customers can pick and choose their service provider.

  6. Depending upon the scope of the work, we supervise tasks to ensure quality and customer experience.

How does HammerHeadsUAE.com work?

  1. Call +97152 704 2740 to book a ‘HammerHead’ OR send us a request through our website

  2. Schedule an appointment

  3. Pay, sit back and relax

Who are your HammerHeads?

Our HammerHeads are professional service providers that range from local entrepreneurs, independent contractors, licensed professional freelancers to multinational corporations.  They are not employed by HammerHeadsUAE.com. HammerHeadsUAE.com simply provides the platform for End Users and HammerHeads to do business. HammerHeads go through an extensive vetting process before they join our database community, including an identity verification and an orientation session with HammerHeadsUAE.com team. The invoicing for services is done through HammerHeads to simply the buying process so that consumers don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.

When are HammerHeads available? Are they ever off duty?

Generally, you can select a HammerHead based on this 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. time frame. When booking a task for a future date, HammerHeads are known to be able to coordinate “off hours” for early morning or late night tasks. To coordinate this, simply include these details in your description when posting your request through our website. For example, include information such as “I’ll need assistance from 9 p.m. – 10 p.m.” so that it’s clear when you’re needing assistance.

How do I report a problem with my task?

We’re sorry to hear there’s a problem with your task. If you’re having an issue that can’t be resolved by you and your HammerHead, please let us know.

How many days in advance should I contact HammerHeadsUAE.com?

While we can accommodate ad-hoc requests, we recommend submitting your request 1-2 days. Especially for services such as painting, deep cleaning, and pest control. Complex services have a longer lead time. We recommend 2-3 weeks for moving, storage, to make sure your desired service provider is available on that date

Can I reschedule or cancel a task?

If circumstances have changed and you no longer need your task completed, you have the option to cancel or reschedule your task before it is completed. To reschedule, you will want to communicate on our landline – 052 704 2740 or email – info@hammerheadsuae.com. Please have your customer reference number ready with you.

My Tasker didn’t show up, or is very late.

We’re sorry to hear that your HammerHead has not shown up, or is late to arrive. You can reach us on 052 704 2740 or email – info@hammerheadsuae.com and we are happy to help. Please keep your customer reference number for ease of coordination.

Marketplace rules

To make sure we can all have a safe and rewarding HammerHeadsUAE.com experience, it’s important for everyone to act responsibly and with respect.

Here is a list of our Marketplace Rules.

  1. All Service Providers – HammerHeads are legally entitled to perform the task.

  2. www.HammerHeadsUAE.com does not perform tasks and does not employ individuals to perform tasks. HammerHeadsUAE.com does not supervise, direct or control a Service Providers work or the tasks in any manner, which the Service Provider hereby acknowledges.

  3. HammerHeadsUAE.com only enables connections between users for the fulfillment of Tasks. HammerHeadsUAE.com is not responsible for the quality, timing, legality, failure to provide, or any other aspect whatsoever of tasks, Service Providers, end users, nor of the integrity, responsibility, qualifications or any of the actions or omissions whatsoever of any Service Provider.

  4. All tasks must be remunerated with money (via VISA or Mastercard credit/debit card) or remunerated in cash.

  5. HammerHeadsUAE.com is a marketplace for services and not a discussion forum. Comments that are considered off-topic, aimed at influencing other user’s offers or derogatory towards a HammerHead will not be supported and may be deleted at any time.

  6. Content with vulgarities, used in the context of a personal attack/insult will be removed immediately and result in suspension of accounts. Any comments that are considered trolling, aimed at influencing/defaming other member’s offers or derogatory towards the Job Poster’s budget will not be supported.

  7. All tasks must comply with applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t request for a task nor comment if it’s not legal where you are located.

  8. Do not share your own or any other individual’s private contact details (such as full name, email, home address or phone number) in any public area of HammerHeadsUAE.com. For your safety and to maintain the integrity of the HammerHeadsUAE.com marketplace, we suggest that you only communicate through HammerHeads private messaging or calling service.


For any inquiries, please call us or fill out the following form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Tel: 04-297-3430

Mobile: 052-704-2740

Mobile: 055-4088-574